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Life Coach

– What is a Life Coach?


A Life Coach has the gift to bring balance and harmony in people life's with a holistic approach. It is about transforming, healing, and bringing fulfilment in personal and work-life, letting you reach a new self-awareness. Coaching is about achieving a result, manifesting and taking action, looking at your future where soul and mind align toward the same goal.

– Which is the difference between coaching and therapist?


There is no link between coaching and therapist, but it is essential to understand the difference.
The therapist focuses more on your past, working with you on your mental health and emotional healing. In contrast, a life coach's centre of attention is your present and future, setting goals and achieving results, helping you draw your prospective with more awareness through the right tools. On some occasion, however, the Life Coach could dive into your past only if your thoughts or behaviour can impact the coaching session's result.

In case of depression, anxiety etc., you will have a great result working with a therapist and coach together. With the therapist, you will be able to look back to your past and emotions, while with the coach, you will work together through your present and future.

– Is Coaching for everyone?


Yes, and No.

To achieve a significant result, your willing to change needs to be strong; you have to fight for that change and feel the fire inside you. You could have the most outstanding coach stand by your side, but without a true commitment and significant willingness to change, your life will be stuck. The only way to explore new paths is to step out of your comfort zone.

– How the GDPR for Coaching works?


All personal data acquired or written during the sessions are treated confidentially. According to the data protection, there will be no disclosure of any part thereof to any third party.

– Is working with a coach beneficial?

Deciding to work with a Coach has significant meaning because you are investing in your personal development, showing the desire to leave your comfort zone and mental prison, walking off from the beliefs that have bent your identity and perception. Ask for Coaching support means choose yourself for the first time.

– If I decide to work with you, what will be the cost?


It will depend on the number and length of the sessions and which services you decide to use. During the complimentary discovery call, we will get to know each other, understand if my coaching style is a good fit for you, discuss the commitment and expectations from both sides, and clarify in which area of your life you need the most support. We will then assess and agree on the number of sessions you might need. It won't be an obligation to continue if you are not convinced or not ready yet.

– What is your Leadership Coaching Style during the sessions?


During my coaching sessions and my everyday life, the approach used is a mix of Democratic, Holistic, and Vision style.

Democratic - the core is freedom and accountability, self-control, introspection and creativity, bringing a great result in decision making, communication, excellent cooperation, building a solid vision for the future.

Holistic - the focus is working through the soul-mind connection finding or rediscovering the harmony. These balances embrace all aspects of life, thus leading to personal and professional growth.

Vision – the core is the future, which involves reflection, feedback, conversation, motivation and a new strategy or solution to apply in life.

Which is the ethical code?


- Integrity
- Honesty
- Confidentiality
- Respect
- Accountability
- Professional behaviour
- Not to defraud and misrepresent
- Working through your agreed interests and needs


Life Coach

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