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The Leadership Coaching service will focus on supporting you, this time as an employee, part of a team, or as an individual. The central objective is to improve your work-related performance by maximising your skills in harmony with the values, vision, and mission of the company, bringing a positive impact to the entire organisation. The experience as a Manager and the work in Human Resources have provided me with a general overview of how people, regardless of their role or circumstances, can improve their performance through an appropriate process. Greater awareness of one’s talents, combined with consolidated leadership skills and effective communication, is the secret to success. Once worked on strengthening these skills, they can then be used not only in the workplace but also in everyday life, thus speaking of a series of important benefits that embrace all areas of life. Corporate Coaching’s session aims toward developing and improving emotional intelligence, where feelings and exploration of emotions are the protagonists. Identifying them is the key to personal growth while remaining motivated and determined to follow your goals despite the challenges that arise along the path of life.

What are the results? More satisfying and successful social and working relationships, interpersonal improvements at all levels (colleagues, managers, teams, customers, etc.), strong self-confidence, improvement in managing time management, creation of a peaceful and stimulating working environment, higher control of tension and stress, and negotiation skills will be consolidated.


Leadership Coaching Service


Emotional Intelligence

as an expansion of being

Corporate Coaching


Emotional Intelligence as path to happiness

The main function of Critical Thinking in the sphere of Emotional Intelligence

 Learning and practicing Mindfulness at work and the benefits

Emotional Self Awareness – The importance of exploration of feelings in the Emotional Intelligence

Discovering NLP (Neurological Linguistic Programming) in Emotional Intelligence

The power of Assertiveness & the Inner Harmony

Which is the main Social Interaction Style in the Emotional Intelligence

The magic of Empathy as a means of communication

The Emotions as a starting point for Solving Problem

Time Management

Resilience as an access key to Inner Strength

Leadership and Team Work


The Leadership Coaching Programme is designed for:



Leader & Manager



Are you wondering what you will achieve from
the Leadership Coaching Programme?

Self empathy towards oneself and others

Build self-esteem and self-confidence with assertiveness

Emotions management

Professional & personal growth

How to become charismatic with excellent communication skills and active listening


Finds harmony with the art of mindfulness

Time management

Hiring by emotional intelligence

Reinforce resilience skill

Inspiring and motivate others with leadership skills


An educated mind is a treasure
but without an educated heart
there is no education at all


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